Digi-Dent Systems and Solutions

We are proud to offer comprehensive employment services specifically tailored for dental clinics across Canada. With our expertise in the dental industry, we understand the unique challenges and needs that clinics face when it comes to staffing their teams.

One of our key services is our Exclusive Dental Professional Job Board, which allows clinics to easily advertise any vacant positions within their clinic. By signing up for a Job Posting Account, clinics can ensure that all their posted jobs are automatically shared on up to 30 other Job Boards across Canada. This significantly increases the visibility of their job postings, attracting a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Furthermore, our platform empowers clinics to efficiently manage their job postings and received resumes. Through our system, clinics can conduct pre-screening of applicants, administer aptitude tests, schedule and conduct interviews, and utilize many other pre and post-hiring options. This streamlines the entire recruitment process, saving clinics valuable time and resources.

For dental professionals seeking new opportunities, we offer Free Job Seeker Portals. These portals provide a centralized platform where dental professionals can upload their resumes, certificates, references, and any other relevant documents. This allows them to easily apply to posted jobs and receive new job posting alerts based on criteria that they set for their private job portal.

In addition to our recruitment services, we also provide Dental Clinic Access to our DentEmploy Professional Dental Temp Workers. Whether a clinic needs temporary staff to fill shifts on short notice or requires additional support during busy periods, our pool of trained and reliable dental professionals are ready to step in any day of the week. Currently, we are actively hiring and training Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Dental Receptionists, and a variety of Associate Dentists including General Associates, Endo Associates, Ortho Associates, and Perio Associates.

To further enhance the efficiency of temporary staffing, dental clinics can sign up for access to their own Temp Job Posting Schedule and interact with Professional Dental Temp Workers through our dedicated Professional Dental Temp Worker App. This seamless communication platform allows clinics and temporary workers to easily coordinate schedules and discuss compensation details. We charge a nominal fee for filling shifts, and clinics have the freedom to negotiate directly with our Temp Workers for their remuneration.

At our employment services for dental clinics, we prioritize connecting dental professionals with clinics that align with their skills and career aspirations. By utilizing our comprehensive range of services, both clinics and dental professionals can streamline their recruitment and job search processes, ensuring a successful match that benefits all parties involved.